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  Hand Dryers > Jet Speed Hand Dryers > AWS S-A90-A  
  Jet Speed Hand Dryer with LED Lights, Anti-Bacteria Coating Casing  
687 x 300 x 220mm

Product Features
Material : ABS White
Casing : Anti-bacterial coating casing
Weigh : 11kg
Voltage : AC220-240V, 50/60Hz

Time Saving
• Approximately 5 ~ 7 seconds drying time
• Air speed 85-95m/s
• Comfortable
Intelligent Energy Saving Technology
• 220V~50HZ Voltage
• 800W/1900W (Heater) Power capacity
• Sensing unit stop when detect fingers exiting

DC Brushless Motor
• An improvement from the original Carbon Brush
• Stable operation
• Longer life span

Brilliant Innovation
• Brilliant LED light for startup and stop function
• High-speed brushless DC motor
• A tamper-proof timer built is to prevent overuse
• Anti-bacterial coating
• Touch-free technologymaking the design hygienic and clean

AWS GB SET ā€˜Uā€™ N
AWS HD 0210
AWS GB 4625B
AWS 010L 8ā€